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Share links: 2017us - 2017usa - usa2017. See talk too: Talk:2017usa.

See also the global list: 2017 Global Marijuana March and 420 events. See 420 event lists by year. See signup and GMM links. And: Facebook events for 2017.

Hundreds of cities hold 420 and Global Marijuana March events yearly. See crowd photos. Maps and lists: 2017, 2016, 2015.
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See cities by country, state, and province on the GMM map of all cities worldwide since 1999.

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See also Facebook: Global Marijuana March. Multi-year organizing. It is an open group.

This is a 2017 U.S. city list for 420 events (around April 20), and Global Marijuana March events (May 6 or thereabouts). See: Global Marijuana March USA for cities holding events over the years.

2017 U.S. cities

This list is only a partial sampling of the many 420 and GMM events large and small across the USA in 2017. The Cannabis War is over and the Republican Party has lost. They may not know it yet, so keep marching and doing other events! See Reagan's War on Cannabis. Part of the Holy Republican war on drugs. Some of the events may not label themselves as part of "420" or "GMM". Since they happen to occur on or around April 20 or May 6, they are listed anyway to help promote them.

US states that have legalized
as of November 2016 election
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Statewide lists are greatly appreciated:


Some Waldos, and the 420 flag. Created in San Rafael, California in 1971. Photo is from this 2012 article. See 420 event lists for more history.